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Chelsea keeps trying to lure Gerrard

Chelsea keeps trying to lure GerrardAccording to the newspaper the Daily Mirror, Roman Abramovich agreed to provide ВЈ 30 million on the acquisition of a player who recently signed a new contract with Liverpool residents.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Giner: 'll Definitely play with Chelsea two friendlies

Giner: 'll Definitely play with Chelsea two friendliesThe President of FC CSKA Yevgeny Giner said "Sport-Express", he was very happy with the team's victory over neftci: "Now, I hope no more of the "Vardar" 't remember. The defeat against Vardar is a shame. Otherwise it is impossible to assess. But since then much time has passed, we have become wiser, made conclusions."""Now we are fighting on three fronts and didn't even think to prioritize. It is difficult, of course, but we have no choice. Because of that, and try to make the bench as long as possible - to be able to vary the composition of, - said the President of CSKA. Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. Juventus leaves from defeat in the last minute

The Italian League. Juventus leaves from defeat in the last minute1:0 Recoba, 32; 2:0 Cannavaro, 52; 3:0 Stankovic, 54; 3:1 Bellucci, 67; 4:1 Martins, 70; 4:2 Bellucci, 76 0:1 Buchi, 11; 1:1 Couto, 12; 1:2 Andersson, 64; 2:2 Fiore, 73; 3:2 Couto, 81; 4:2 Zauri, 89 1:0 Carbone, 35; 1:1 Di VAIO, 78; 2:1 Gilardino, 80; 2:2 Tudor, 90 1:0 Diana, 38; 2:0 Flaky, 45; 2:1 ze Maria, 47; 2:2 Ravanelli, 85; 3:2 Place, 87 0:1 Ficini, 37 an own goal; 1:1 Gasparetto, 7822:30 Modena - Roma. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Nihat moved to Chelsea in transit through CSKA

Nihat moved to Chelsea in transit through CSKAChelsea has signed a contract with the striker of the club "real Madrid" Nihat. the transaction amount of 8 million pounds. According to Tribalfootball, the owner of Chelsea FC, Roman Abramovich intends for the season to give Nihat rent CSKA Moscow.The official announcement about the care Nihat from "real Sociedad" will be held at the end of the season.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Liverpool satisfied Rhine

Liverpool satisfied RhineGoalkeeper Liverpool's Jose Reina stated that he has no reason to move to Spanish club atlГtico de Madrid.- AtlГtico club, I love - quotes goalkeeper Sky Sports. In addition to all of this is due to family reasons. For me it would be nice to play for atlГtico. But now it is not the main goal for me. This is a club to which I have a special love, I do not hide it. My father played there and I have many friends at atlГtico. Читать полностью -->

Beckham nothing will stop to play for the national team

Beckham nothing will stop to play for the national teamDavid Beckham is likely to be able to play for England in exhibition matches in the U.S., reports AP. In the game against Atletico Madrid midfielder of real Madrid received a yellow card, which was his fifth, which means he will not play in the last round match of the championship of Spain against Zaragoza. Thus, nothing will prevent him to enter the field stadium Chicago next Saturday, when they will play with Americans.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lampard: CSKA is stronger at the moment Porto and PSG

Lampard: CSKA is stronger at the moment Porto and PSGThe England midfielder and Chelsea's Frank Lampard in an interview with "Gazeta stated that impressed with the player of CSKA Moscow in the Champions League match, which took place last Wednesday: "to be Honest, I didn't expect. I knew it was the strongest club in Russia, knew that CSKA is in first place in the championship. Prep for a big match. So in principle it happened. CSKA well organized game, the attacks were extremely dangerous, and in this situation it is good that we managed to score a quick goal. And in the end half is another. Читать полностью -->

The German Championship. Bayern inferior in Dortmund

The German Championship. Bayern inferior in Dortmund1:0 Everson, 55 pen.; 2:0 Warntz, 61 0:1 Pinto, 9; 1:1 Ulich, 86 1:0 Franz, 11; 2:0 Goes, 20; 3:0 Sarpei, 47; 4:0 Klimovich, 68 1:0 Bjelica, 32; 2:0 Hristov, 36; 2:1 Rydlewicz, 37; 2:2 Rydlewicz, 71; 3:2 Logins, 74 0:1 Hoogma, 65; 0:2 Mahdavikia, 79; 1:2 Quickly, 87 0:1 Berbatov, 30; 1:1 Delura, 56; 1:2 Schneider, 72; 1:3 BATT, 76; 2:3 Hanke, 77 1:0 Kurani, 44; 2:0 Hleb, 50; 3:0 Bordon, 81; 3:1 Shchur, 85. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Gazzaev: In France we are expecting a tough game with Auxerre

Gazzaev: In France we are expecting a tough game with AuxerreAs you know, on Thursday CSKA Moscow defeated Auxerre (4:0) in the first match of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup. After the game the coaches gave a press conference."First of all I want to thank the fans. We have never felt such support. The team looked at as a whole and showed excellent football. Sure, today we brought great joy not only to those present at the stadium, the fans and the whole country," said winning coach Valery Gazzaev. "At the same time, such an account is an additional headache. Читать полностью -->

Abramovich is willing to spend on two players 160 million euros

Abramovich is willing to spend on two players 160 million eurosThe owner of the London football club "Chelsea" Roman Abramovich is ready to offer 160 million euros for the transfer to the club two leading players of the two Italian teams - AC Milan and inter, informs "Interfax" with reference to the local media.It is expected that on Wednesday, the Governor of Chukotka will visit Milan, where he will hold talks with representatives of these clubs. According to some reports, the Russian businessman is willing to pay 90 million euros for the transfer to Chelsea from inter's Brazilian striker Adrian, and 70 million euros for another Brazilian midfielder Kaka from AC Milan.In both Italian clubs have repeatedly stated that these players will not be sold for any money. Earlier there were rumors about the possibility of buying the London club playing for AC Milan Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko. But he, in the opinion of management of the club, at the moment can not be sold.The owner of Chelsea should also discuss the situation with the Argentine Hernan Crespo and Juan Sebastian Verona playing for AC Milan and inter, respectively. Both were placed there to rent London club, having the rights to them. It is possible that the lease term will be extended.. Читать полностью -->

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