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CSKA coach Valery Gazzaev called wards heroes

CSKA coach Valery Gazzaev called wards heroesCSKA coach Valery Gazzayev called heroes of their wards, for the first time in the history of the national football won the UEFA Cup."I can say that our players are heroes," said Gazzaev in an interview with TV channel "Russia". - They have done the impossible.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spartak will conduct the matches of the UEFA Intertoto Cup on the Locomotive

Spartak will conduct the matches of the UEFA Intertoto Cup on the LocomotiveSpartak will play home matches of the UEFA Intertoto Cup at the stadium "locomotive", said the club's sporting Director Alexander Chikunov "Sport-Express".. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Bridge: When missed, thought it was not our day

Bridge: When missed, thought it was not our dayGoal by Wayne Bridge is brought into the semi-finals of the Champions League the team Abramovich - Chelsea. After meeting with Arsenal man of the match said a few words to reporters."When we missed it, I thought today was not our day. But we showed character and fought until the end, which ultimately brought us success," said bridge. Coach Chelsea in an interview with Reuters also said some words about the last match. "Today, my players showed fantastic football. It was important to reassure them after conceding a goal to "hot head," they're not "screwed up". Читать полностью -->

Deck: Barcelona better than money Abramovich

Deck: Barcelona better than money AbramovichThe Portugal midfielder Anderson de Souza "Deck" in an interview AS explained about the reasons for his selection of a new club in favor of Barcelona. According to Deco, Spanish team is much better than Chelsea. Player to Euro04 played for Porto, of which he became the winner of the Champions League. After the European championship, he decided to change the team. His name was in Chelsea, where did his coach at Porto, Jose Mourinho. However, the Deck made a choice in favor of Barcelona."I believe that Barca is much better than Chelsea. Читать полностью -->

NTV will show all the semi-finals of the Champions League

NTV will show all the semi-finals of the Champions LeagueNTV is going to show both semi-final football match of the Champions League.According to "Telesport", at the end of the group round the NTV channel could broadcast the matches on Wednesdays, but this right is not used, featuring games of the tournament only on Tuesdays (except meeting "Locomotive" with "Monaco"). Now the company has decided to show both semi-finals.Thus, on Tuesday, April 21 at 22:35 on NTV broadcast live from Monte Carlo, where Monaco will play against Chelsea, and a day later, in the record at 01:30 - a report from Portugal match "Port" - "Deportivo".Commentators assigned to these games: meeting Monaco with a team of Roman Abramovich will hold George Cherdantsev, second leg, may 5 - Yuriy Rozanov, and games with Porto and Deportivo" - Aleksey Andronov (22 April) and the entire show Shine (4 may).Return semifinal matches NTV will show in full, and on the satellite channel "NTV-Plus" all matches will be live.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Commission UEFA this week will assess the Luzhniki

The Commission UEFA this week will assess the LuzhnikiTuesday, arriving in Moscow the Commission UEFA consisting of four persons for the purpose of evaluating the possibility of conducting in Moscow final match UEFA Champions League 2005/06. "The League final is a serious project, and the country that he will undertake, should have enough time for thorough preparation. That is why UEFA chooses the venue now. Luzhniki, which we offer as an arena for the final of the League is just one of the objectives of the Commission, and in this situation not the most important: this stadium, which was held the final of the UEFA Cup 99, no introduction needed. UEFA are primarily interested in organizational issues. Will the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation in the short term to ensure that visas huge number of fans from different countries? Whether our airports and hotels the necessary requirements? How it works, transport and customs? But the main issue is ensuring the security of the event was such a serious level," said General Secretary of the RFU Vladimir Radionov in an interview to Sport-Express".The meeting with the Board of UEFA, the representatives of the Foreign Ministry, state Customs Committee, the Moscow police, the RFU, the Luzhniki stadium planned for the first half of the runtime, and in the evening guests will attend the match CSKA Moscow - FC Porto. Читать полностью -->

Benitez warns Owen

Benitez warns OwenNew General Manager Liverpool's Rafael Benitez made it clear that he is not going to build a team around one player. The Spaniard said that meant Michael Owen, whose place in the first team previously could not be questioned. "If Michael will be in the form, he must come on the field. But the same applies to (Florent Sinama-)Pongola, (Djibril) Cisse and (Milan) baroЕЎ. Benitez also hinted that he intends to purchase one linebacker in place of the Czech Vladimir ЕЎmicer, who because of a knee injury will not be able to play the next six months, according to British media.. . Читать полностью -->

The Italian League. Lecce wins in Turin

The Italian League. Lecce wins in Turin0:1 Fat, 56; 0:2 Semioli, 79 1:0 Beaune, 32; 2:0 Bellucci, 62; 2:1 Mignani, 68; 3:1 Nervo, 82 0:1 Ravanelli, 38; 1:1 Baggio, 44 1:0 Kamara, 58 0:1 Bresciano, 7; 1:1 Torrisi, 47 1:0 Totti, 40; 2:0 Carew, 65; 3:0 Totti, 89 1:0 Trezeguet, 1; 1:1 Franceschini, 22; 1:2 Conan, 28; 1:3 Conan, 42; 1:4 Chevanton, 2:4 Maresca, 56; 3:4 Del Piero, 79. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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