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PrЕЎo would end his career in the Croatian national team after the 2006 world Cup

PrЕЎo would end his career in the Croatian national team after the 2006 world CupScottish striker "Glasgow Rangers" and national team of Croatia's dado Prso is considering completing his career in the national team after the 2006 FIFA world Cup in Germany. How shall inform the Croatian media, prЕЎo said he intends to make this decision due to their age. As you know, currently prЕЎo 30 years.. . . . Читать полностью -->

President Port: Alenichev will leave our team

President Port: Alenichev will leave our teamThe President of FC "Porto" Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa in an interview to the official website of the club spoke about the possibility of transition of Russia midfielder from Portuguese club to another team."The Alenichev leave the team, if his new club will be willing to pay for it T600 thousand. In this case, we let Alenicheva despite his contract for another season. Russian footballer now 32 years old, and he has the opportunity to sign a three-year contract with the club where he will get more than Porto. This transition will be for Alenicheva reward for what he did for Porto during that time that I had performed for him."As you know, currently the leadership of the Moscow "Spartak" negotiating the return of Dmitry Alenicheva to the team.. . . Читать полностью -->

The former recommended Mutko Semin

The former recommended Mutko SeminThe head coach of Zenit Vlastimil the former in an interview with "the Change" said the new head of the RFU Vitaly Mutko told him to lead the national team of Russia."Yes, because we didn't want David Traktovenko to publicize the fact that Mutko really wanted to see me in the national team, " said the former, in conversation with the correspondent of "Change". - Too much lately in the Czech press has exaggerated information that I can lead a national team of the Czech Republic. It's unnerving how our leaders and supporters. I am very grateful to Vitaly for the trust, I wish him that he succeeded as President of the RFU, and believe that thanks to him some of the negative phenomena in our football will disappear. But he is forced to abandon the proposal because, I repeat, I am happy in Zenit. I have ready at hand a team that I'm not ready to give up in order to start from scratch. Читать полностью -->

Panov and Kerzhakov will play for Zenit

Panov and Kerzhakov will play for ZenitThe experienced striker Alexander Panov and goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov, currently a trainee with "Sportakademklub", included in the application Zenit St. Petersburg to participate in the Commonwealth Cup.We decided to meet 'Zenith', which is declared on the CIS Cup, the FA said in an interview with the newspaper "Soviet sport" head coach "Sportakademklub" Constantine sarsania. Several experienced players Petrograd was not hurt. As for the future Panova in our team, while the question remains open. But Mikhail Kerzhakov already just leased for a year.The Commonwealth Cup will be held in St. Petersburg from 19 to 27 January.. Читать полностью -->

Women will play football contrary to Islam

Women will play football contrary to IslamThe organizers of the first in the history of Bangladesh women's football tournament are determined to bring it to the end, despite strong protests from Muslim groups, evaluating the event as "indecent and contrary to the norms of Islam." 10-day women's championship kicked off this past Monday in the capital Dhaka and joined an eight teams. Angry Islamists on Tuesday held a protest in front of the national mosque in Dhaka with threats to attack the office of the organizers of the competition. Matches the first two days of the tournament brought together a reasonable audience, however, the game is scheduled for Wednesday, was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Islamist organization Bangladesh not the first to try to influence women's sporting event. Earlier this year women's soccer team of this country and of India are unable to play together because of threats from the Muslim clergy. In July, for the same reason, was postponed women's wrestling tournament.. Читать полностью -->

Camacho: My training methods have not yielded the desired result

Camacho: My training methods have not yielded the desired resultJose Antonio Camacho, on Monday left the post of chief coach of real Madrid, said that the reason for the decision to resign was that under his leadership, the team did not show the proper result."I have their training methods. I didn't see that they give result and somehow improve the situation in the team, " said Camacho. - The President asked me if I change things in the near future, and I told him I wasn't sure. So we agreed that I would leave his post in order that the club did not get into an even bigger crisis."". . . Читать полностью -->

Beckham: If I leave real Madrid, he will return to Manchester United

Beckham: If I leave real Madrid, he will return to Manchester UnitedEngland captain David Beckham said that if he had to leave real Madrid, he would like to return to Manchester United."If I ever leave Madrid, then definitely I will return to Manchester United and the SPLA will begin to work with sir Alex Ferguson said Beckham Daily Mirror. - "Manchester United" was the club where I grew up and thought that would take place there my whole career."However, Beckham said that happy to play for real Madrid, where, in his opinion, to play the best players in the world.Also Beckham expressed hope that will captain England in the finals of the 2006 world Cup in Germany.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pashinin out for a month

Pashinin out for a monthDefender of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Oleg Pashinin will be able to take the field in 3-4 weeks. On Monday according to the official website of railway workers."I Pashinin more serious injury is partial damage to the internal ligaments of the knee joint. Rehabilitation in this case requires three to four weeks. But Oleg has already begun the final stage of treatment, and the other day he slowly starts to work," the statement reads.. . . Читать полностью -->

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