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In Ecuador, the referee counted the goal, when the field was two goals

In Ecuador, the referee counted the goal, when the field was two goalsA curious incident occurred in the championship match of Ecuador between LDU and Deportivo. According to Reuters, the decisive goal of the meeting, the players LDU scored in the moment when on the field were two goals simultaneously. The referee of the match Daniel Salazar didn't notice it and, despite the outrage of the players of Deportivo, scored a goal scored in the 89th minute. By decision of the local football Federation Salazar suspended for three matches. Penalties are also incurred and linear arbitrators.Sport-Express. . Читать полностью -->

Saturn will appeal the disqualification stadium

Saturn will appeal the disqualification stadiumGeneral Director of Moscow "Saturn" Igor Dmitriev said "Sport-Express" that the club will appeal the disqualification stadium in Ramenskoye. "While the management of Saturn did not consider the issue where if necessary the team will take opponents, especially next home match is only performed on September 26. As soon as we receive the written version of the decision of the FTC, carefully review the submissions and will file the appeal in the hope that a decision to disqualify stadium will be revised," said Dmitriev.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Ukraine. Dynamo wins in Dnepropetrovsk

The Championship Of Ukraine. Dynamo wins in Dnepropetrovsk0:1 Kleber, 48; 0:2 Kleber, 65; 1:2 Venglinsky, 80 0:1 Maltsev, 37; 1:1 Mendoza, 50; 2:1 Alekseenko, 62 В¦ Command And N P P/M About???????????????????????????????????????????????????? 1. Miner 7 7 0 0 16 - 2 21 2. Dynamo 7 5 1 1 12 - 6 16 3. Metallurg Days 7 5 1 1 13 - 8 16 4. Volyn 7 4 0 3 8 - 8 12 5. Читать полностью -->

Mutu: I apologise to Chelsea fans

Mutu: I apologise to Chelsea fansRomanian footballer Adrian Mutu, found to use cocaine, and suspended for seven months, apologized to the fans of Chelsea."I'm very sorry for what I did. I know that disappoint fans of Chelsea, " said Mutu. - I wish them all the best and hope to see Chelsea at a good level. I made a mistake, what really sorry, but who doesn't make mistakes in this life?".. . . Читать полностью -->

Juventus doesn't want Jankulovski chose CSKA

Juventus doesn't want Jankulovski chose CSKACSKA Moscow became the rival of Juventus, AC Milan and Tottenham in the fight for midfielder for Udinese and Czech Republic Marek Jankulovski. But Cech wants to stay and play in Italy. Management teams also plans on Jankulovski, believing that he will make up the Duo in midfield with another Czech Turin team - Pavel Nedved. As told Italian media sports Juventus Director Luciano Moggi until the negotiations are difficult. Juventus ready to buy a player for T4,5 million, However, Udinese want more. According to the Italian media, in the coming days, the parties will again begin to transition discussion Jankulovski in Juventus. Читать полностью -->

Koroman will not play with Shinnik

Koroman will not play with ShinnikMidfielder "Wings of the Soviets" fire toroman, who was injured in the second leg of the 1/4 finals of the Cup against CSKA, was examined in one of the Moscow clinics. The survey showed that in football - Microhydrin the muscles of the posterior thigh. Thus, Koroman will not be able to play in the eighth round match against Yaroslavl "Shinnik". On fire next week, I will begin training on the individual program, the press service of the club.. . . Читать полностью -->

2006 world Cup. Qualifying matches. A hat-trick Sycheva

2006 world Cup. Qualifying matches. A hat-trick Sycheva0:1 Sychev, 57; 0:2 Arshavin, 63; 0:3 Sychev, 70; 0:4 Sychev, 90 1:0 Lampard, 4; 2:0 Beckham, 76 1:0 Cookies, 9; 2:0 Eremenko, 28; 2:1 Sargsyan, 31; 3:1 Cookie 88 0:1 Iversen, 55 pins. 1:0 Koller, 36 pins. 1:0 Ljungberg, 26; 2:0 Larsson, 50; 3:0 Svensson, 6719:30 Slovakia - Latvia:00 Belarus - Moldavia:00 Malta - Islandia:15 Ukraine - Grecia:30 Azerbaijan - North.Irlandia:00 Turkey - Kazakhstan 21:15 Liechtenstein - Portugal 22:00 Israel - Switzerland 22:15 Bosnia - Serbia and Chernogoria:15 Croatia - Bulgaria 22:30 Austria - Poland 22:30 Macedonia - Netherlands 22:45 Albania - Denmark 23:00 Slovenia - Italy 23:00 France - Ireland 23:45 Spain - Belgium. . Читать полностью -->

Cisse was in an accident

Cisse was in an accidentStriker for English club Liverpool Frenchman Djibril Cisse was in an accident. According Рўribalfootball, went forward to training on your Dodge car brand. Not far from the venue of the training, the players collided with the police car. In this accident Cisse injured rib. But, according to the doctor who examined the player immediately after the incident, the damage was not very serious.Two policemen who were in the car which drove Cisse, injured his neck. "During the accident police car used the siren and lights. Читать полностью -->

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