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Beschastnykh was out of action for two weeks

Beschastnykh was out of action for two weeksAccording to the "Soviet sport", FC Dynamo Kyiv Volodymyr Beschastnykh was out of action for approximately two weeks. Because of damage to the muscles of the posterior thigh, Beschastnykh will miss at least the next match of the championship of Russia with FC Moskva."Will try to treat the film so that he has not lost physical form," said the doctor Dynamo Yuri cornflowers.At the same time, in-patient treatment in a Moscow research and practical center for sports medicine, headed by Zurab Orjonikidze, another week will be a Dynamo midfielder Dillon Sheppard. The South African has pain in the left knee joint. The period of recovery for at least two weeks..

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