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Head coach of Slovenia retired

Head coach of Slovenia retiredBranko Oblak resigned as coach of the national team, according to the UEFA website. "We decided to part ways by mutual consent," explained the President of the Football Association of Slovenia Rudy Zavr. - Just time to change something". In the past Clouds appeared for the national team of Yugoslavia, and in 2004, during the celebration of the Golden jubilee of UEFA was named the best player of Slovenia for the past half century. The national team of Clouds were taken in may of the same year, however, a serious success to seek failed.According to the head of the Slovenian football, as one of the candidates for the role of successor to 59-year-old specialist is considered a former captain of the national team of Slovenia Darko Milanich.Sport-Express.

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We Love Football 2017, the International Youth Football Tournament Under-15, will be back in Bologna, from 12 to 17 April.

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