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Giner: 'll Definitely play with Chelsea two friendlies

Giner: 'll Definitely play with Chelsea two friendliesThe President of FC CSKA Yevgeny Giner said "Sport-Express", he was very happy with the team's victory over neftci: "Now, I hope no more of the "Vardar" 't remember. The defeat against Vardar is a shame. Otherwise it is impossible to assess. But since then much time has passed, we have become wiser, made conclusions."""Now we are fighting on three fronts and didn't even think to prioritize. It is difficult, of course, but we have no choice. Because of that, and try to make the bench as long as possible - to be able to vary the composition of, - said the President of CSKA. - The chances of our team in the Champions League as in any Cup match - 50 to 50. But as far as I know, in meetings with our UK clubs has always been easier than with Spanish or French."According to Giner, line of defense in the understaffed team, currently looking for good players, but so far the process is heavier than I would like.Also Giner said that there is an idea to organize a friendly match CSKA Moscow and Chelsea, although very difficult to implement it. "The championship of Russia is held by the "spring - autumn", the championship of England - "autumn - spring". But we still find time and spend two such meetings. One in Russia and another in England," said the President of CSKA..

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