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FIFA can apply sanctions to three leading federations

FIFA can apply sanctions to three leading federationsManual FIFA warned Tuesday French, Italian and Dutch football Federation that apply appropriate sanctions for failure to comply with the rules on minimum disqualification of the player, for the use of doping six months. According to AFP, Italian and Dutch side would soon change the situation. But the French still do not agree.As an example, FIFA brought the case with the Hungarian midfielder Tamas Peto, who stands for the Dutch "Delirium". In the blood of an athlete was discovered illegal substance norandrosterone, after which he was suspended for 10 matches.Earlier, FIFA and WADA had a disagreement about the terms of suspension for violators. WADA insists on a two-year suspension, and FIFA wants to each case was an individual approach, and the minimum period of Ineligibility imposed was six months.FIFA previously gave the federations, they explained to their liberties. The reports they were required to submit to 24 September. As noted by the AP, Italy and the Netherlands presented their reports. But France still has not done this..

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