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Pogatetz: I always wanted to go in the important block

Pogatetz: I always wanted to go in the important blockAustrian defender of Bayer Leverkusen Emmanuel Pogatetz signatories on Monday a five-year contract with the important block", told in an interview to the official website of his new club that the transition to the "important block" is just wishful thinking on his part, which mysteriously come true."I always wanted to play in the Premier League, ever since when I was a kid, " said Pogatetz. The important block" has always been for me the club I wanted to go. Even when I igrad against this team in the UEFA Cup, I was simply amazed by the atmosphere and the behavior of local fans. I know many players 'important block" and I have no doubt that I can help the team in the Premier League and in the UEFA Cup. I am a defender, but because in the first place physically strong player. I'm really good head, and have to do it any defender. And I promise to give all my passion in games for an important block"..

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