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Beschastnykh was out of action for two weeks

Beschastnykh was out of action for two weeksAccording to the "Soviet sport", FC Dynamo Kyiv Volodymyr Beschastnykh was out of action for approximately two weeks. Because of damage to the muscles of the posterior thigh, Beschastnykh will miss at least the next match of the championship of Russia with FC Moskva."Will try to treat the film so that he has not lost physical form," said the doctor Dynamo Yuri cornflowers.At the same time, in-patient treatment in a Moscow research and practical center for sports medicine, headed by Zurab Orjonikidze, another week will be a Dynamo midfielder Dillon Sheppard. The South African has pain in the left knee joint. The period of recovery for at least two weeks.. . . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Ukraine. Miner approached Dynamo

The Championship Of Ukraine. Miner approached Dynamo1:0 Kashirin, 53; 2:0 Kashirin, 80 1:0 Aristarkhov, 5; 1:1 Demetradze, 36; 2:1 Aristarkhov, 42; 2:2 Hakobyan, 56; 2:3 Alekseenko, 78 1:0 Maksimov, 41 1:0 Fedorov, 32 the goal 0:1 Krivoshenko, 14; 0:2 Krivoshenko, 21; 0:3 Shishchenko, 40 0:1 Kutas, 44; 0:2 Samoilov, 57; 1:2 Brazauskas, 59; 2:2 Nevmyvaka, 76; 3:2 Demchenko, 79 0:1 Grishchenko, 47; 1:1 Mitic, 73 1:0 Rat, 16; 2:0 Sparrow, 48; 3:0 Marika, 52; 4:0 Vukic, 82; 5:0 Sparrow, 88. . . . . Читать полностью -->

The President asked real del Bosque to return to the team

The President asked real del Bosque to return to the teamThe President of real Madrid Florentino Perez intends to return to the club of former head coach Vicente del Bosque. It is reported by Reuters, "I want to ask him to lead the youth team. 'm sure he will be pleased with this proposal, " said Perez. Del Bosque is the perfect coach." However, Perez did not admit his mistake dismissal of a specialist. "The problem was not that we broke up with Vicente. Simply, we made a mistake when invited Carus," said Perez.. Читать полностью -->

Rebrov is returned to Dynamo

Rebrov is returned to DynamoFamous Ukrainian football player Serhiy Rebrov returns to FC Dynamo Kyiv. This was stated by himself. Rebrov noted that there was already an agreement with the President of the Ukrainian club of Igor Surkis. "Here I come, let's sit at the table and register it officially. About the contract, I immediately said that he would agree to the terms of Dynamo, whatever they may be. Importantly, there are interested in me," stressed Rebrov. Читать полностью -->

Head coach of Slovenia retired

Head coach of Slovenia retiredBranko Oblak resigned as coach of the national team, according to the UEFA website. "We decided to part ways by mutual consent," explained the President of the Football Association of Slovenia Rudy Zavr. - Just time to change something". In the past Clouds appeared for the national team of Yugoslavia, and in 2004, during the celebration of the Golden jubilee of UEFA was named the best player of Slovenia for the past half century. The national team of Clouds were taken in may of the same year, however, a serious success to seek failed.According to the head of the Slovenian football, as one of the candidates for the role of successor to 59-year-old specialist is considered a former captain of the national team of Slovenia Darko Milanich.Sport-Express. . Читать полностью -->

Alania climbed to second place

Alania climbed to second placeVladikavkaz "Alania" in his field beat Moscow "sportacademy" in the match of the 8th round of the championship of Russia in the first division.After that success, "Alania" climbed to second place in the standings, behind only "the Urals". However, equal on points with vladikavkazski can "Rostov" if the beat FC Dynamo Barnaul.Championship Of Russia. The first division8-th roundAlania (Vladikavkaz) - "Sportacademy" (Moscow, Russia) - 2:0 (1:0)Goal: Dadu, 28. Ailarov, 88KAMAZ (Naberezhnye Chelny) - Salyut-Energiya" (Belgorod) - 2:0 (1:0)Goals: todoroviД‡, 29, from the penalty spot. Romanenko, 69"Dynamo" (Moscow) - "Metallurg-Kuzbass" (Novokuznetsk) - 0:1 (0:0)Goal: ДЊilipi, 85. . Читать полностью -->

Bondarenko: I'm not going to give up and will fight to the end

Bondarenko: I'm not going to give up and will fight to the endAccording to the official website of the Moscow "Dynamo", the acting head coach blue and white Victor Bondarenko after the match against Amkar (3:1) commented on the outcome of the meeting:"In three previous matches, our team simply gave up points. As if we ourselves put ourselves in a difficult situation to test endurance and character. I am quite satisfied, but not happy with the quality of the game. When I took command, did not think that the crisis is so deep. We need performers, skilled players who have a high skill and can play one to one.Also Bondarenko thanked all for the victory: "I am very pleased that we were able to interrupt this series of failures. I do not intend to give up and will fight to the end".. Читать полностью -->

CSKA - champion. Spartacus - silver. The results of the 29th round of the championship of Russia

CSKA - champion. Spartacus - silver. The results of the 29th round of the championship of RussiaThe Championship Of RussiaPremier League29th tour"Dynamo" (Moscow) - "Torpedo" (Moscow, Russia) - 2:1 (1:0)Goals: Semshov, 29 (1:0). Danny, 60 (2:0). JokiД‡, 73 (2:1)."Shinnik" (Yaroslavl) - "Zenit" (St. Petersburg, Russia) - 1:2 (0:0)Goals: Skrtel, 68 (0:1). Читать полностью -->

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